Final Theory Test in Singapore

The Final Theory Test Singapore App

The Final Theory Test (FTT) Singapore app has its share of problems. Firstly, the FTT app has a lot of problems with notifications. Sometimes, it is impossible to see when it is time for you to take the test. This is a real stumbling block for most of us. Visit Final Theory Test to read more.

Final Theory Test

The Final Theory Test Singapore (FTT SG) is an application that can be used on both a computer and a mobile phone. It is available for iOS and Android devices, and also on Mac. For Mac users, it requires the use of an application emulator known as Bluestacks. This application helps you to test your memory and answer multiple-choice questions using your laptop. It also displays your performance over time.

Like the Basic Theory Test, the Final Theory Test involves 50 multiple-choice questions. A score of 45/50 (or 90%) is required to pass. Using a question bank for your FTT can save you time and money.

Final Theory Test (FTT) questions

The Final Theory Test (FTT) is a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge of driving techniques and road safety. You are given 50 questions to answer within 50 minutes. You must get 45 of the questions right to pass. You can find the handbook for the test here. The test is valid for two years and if you fail, you can apply for a retake.

Like the Basic Theory Test, the Final Theory Test is also a multiple-choice test that involves 50 questions. To pass the Final Theory Test, you need to score 45/50 or 90%. If you don't think you'll score high enough, try using a question bank.

Online driving theory tests

For those who want to convert their foreign driving license to a Singapore licence, the Basic Theory Test (BTT) is the first requirement. The BTT is free of charge, and it can be taken at any driving test centre. Alternatively, you can take the theory test online in Singapore. In either case, you will be given a detailed report highlighting areas of weaker knowledge, and areas that need more work.

Online driving theory tests in Singapore are free, and visitors can save their results. There are a few limitations, though. Test dates are subject to change without prior notice, and are not updated live. When booking online, you should also note that the fee is non-refundable after 1st October 2008. In addition, if you make multiple bookings at the same time, the system may reject your request.

Getting a driving licence

In Singapore, a driving license is required to operate motor cars with manual gearing, motorcycles with over 400cc and mopeds. To obtain a license, you must complete the BTT, a multiple choice test, taken in an official test centre. The questions may be a bit strangely worded, so you'll need to pay attention when answering. The results are issued immediately. Unlike in other countries, they cannot be obtained over the telephone.

Having passed the theory test, you'll be ready to move onto the practical test. You can either take the PDT at an official driving school or book private lessons. In either case, make sure to do as much practice as you can before the test, as the test is very strict. Even minor mistakes can get you negative results, and you may end up with penalty points.

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